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Yakima Murder Trial Opening Statements | John Crowley Yakima Defense Lawyer

The 1997 cold case murder of Carolyn Clift is scheduled to have its opening arguments today in Superior Court in Yakima. Two defendants are on trial for the murder; one will have a bench trial and one (Michael Gorski who is defended at trial by criminal defense attorney John Crowley) will have a jury trial. As with most cold cases, witness memory and evidence collection are key elements for the jury to decide a verdict. This Yakima murder trial is expected to last two weeks.

John Crowley believes that there is a great deal of evidence that points to his client’s innocence. He believes that as the trial proceeds and, “…at the end of the case, it will be obvious who the murderer is, and it is not Michael Gorski.”

Crowley is a veteran of 21 years defending at trial and will defend his client vigorously.


You can see a video report about the case here.