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Yakima Defense Lawyer Sees Other Side of Yakima Gang Problem | John Crowley Attorney

In a major feature story KIMA-TV Yakima reports that gang related incidents in Yakima, WA have tripled in the past year.  You can watch the video report here.  Police report last year there were 526 gang related incidents last year compared to 171 the year before. This Yakima gang problem has certainly hit epidemic proportions. Young people are most at risk of being caught up in gang related incidents. But is there another side to this story?

John Crowley a Yakima defense attorney with offices in Seattle and Yakima thinks so. He has defended at trial in many cases where a young person was at the wrong place at the wrong time or simply walking down the street when a gang incident takes place — and an innocent person is caught up in the arrest. Hanging out with the wrong crowd can certainly land you in trouble but does it make you “guilty” if a crime takes place around you that you had no intention of participating in? In a recent case (which will be up on appeal) the occupants of a car when a gang shooting took place were tried on murder charges. But their participation in the actually crime was unclear from the evidence.

Many gang related arrests are pleaded out due to the cost of defending at trial. The various levels of guilt or participation in a gang related crimes are not always clear cut. The Crowley Law Firm in Yakima aggressively works with their clients to provide the best possible defense and prevent those clients from getting caught up in the aftermath of a crime they may not have actually committed.