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What’s The Supreme Court Have To Do With It?

A lot. Some of the landmark decisions regarding rights of the accused have been decided in the Supreme Court. The right to counsel  and due process were decided by the Court in Gideon v. Wainwright; the famous Miranda Warning comes from the Court’s decision in Miranda v. Arizona.

In contemporary police work the use of “drug-sniffing dogs” present some novel problems in the constitutionality of searches and warrants. A major case will be heard by the Supreme Court regarding the 4th Amendment and privacy issues in Florida v. Jardines. The Florida Supreme Court ruled that using a drug-sniffing dog outside a suspect’s home in lieu of a search warrant is a violation of the 4th Amendment. The State of Florida has appealed to the Supreme Court.

The Crowley Law Firm has a great deal of expertise in this area of the law and on the effectiveness of drug-sniffing dogs. Lawyer John Crowley has recently argued in United States District Court in Yakima on an ancillary issue regarding the procedures and effectiveness of the drug-sniffing dog. A decision is expected shortly. He will be closely watching the outcome of the Supreme Court case.