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What Is A “VUCSA” Drug Charge And What It Means To You

VUCSA stands for Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substance Act.  It is one of the most frequently asked questions on various law blogs and Internet answer forums regarding drug law in Washington State is, “What is VUCSA?” or “Can I get a VUCSA charge expunged?”

Generally, VUCSA charges refer to the full range of violations relating to illegal or illegally obtained drugs from simple possession to trafficking.  Some are misdemeanors and others are serious felonies depending on the accusations the police are able to prove in court. A detailed explanation of the categories of felonies can be found at this link here.

At The Crowley Law Firm PLLC we have handled numerous cases relating to the many levels of the Washington State laws regarding drug trafficking as well as the classes of felonies and possession misdemeanors. As experienced drug case lawyers practicing criminal defense law in Seattle and Yakima and other cities in Washington State, we can direct you through the maze of the law and show you your options in developing a defense. Call us at 206-624-7500; in Yakima and Eastern Washington 509-469-7500 or fill out the “quick contact form” on this website.

Here is a link to the Washington State VUCSA LAW. 

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