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Two Sides To Every Story

There was much hoopla in the media about the Department of Justice investigation into the police culture of the Seattle Police Department in light of several high profile incidents of “excessive force” by officers. The reactions were interesting if not unexpected. Chief Diaz said the the Seattle Police Department was not broken; Mayor McGinn said the DOJ report recommendations would be implemented; a host of  commentators weighed in on both sides.

One of the more interesting interpretations is from a Seattle University professor of criminal law (full disclosure: John Crowley’s law school). Comparing the DOJ conclusions and recommendations to other investigations of police behavior –and data on police department excessive force incidents nationally. Professor Hickman comes to the conclusion that Seattle Police Department is actually “owed an apology” by the DOJ.  You can read his conclusions here in The Seattle Times opinion piece.  Here is the report itself for viewing.  (PDF)

What it shows is given the same set of facts reasonable, intelligent people can come to very different conclusions. We keep that in mind everyday in our practice. Things are never exactly the way they seem or as they are portrayed. As a Seattle lawyer with strong expertise in criminal law, The Crowley Law Firm PLLC will be watching developments in this story. For more information about this Seattle lawyer click here.