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The Real CSI

In Frontline’s continuing series on the limits of forensics in deciding the guilt or innocence of a suspect, the series looks at the reliability of everything from fingerprints to DNA and exposes some shocking holes in the public’s understanding of the validity of some of the basic forensics relied upon by courts and juries.

Unlike the CSI of television — where super-scientists unravel mysteries with cutting edge whirring, beeping digital machines, in practice the science and the experts relied upon to provide testimony are often as suspect as the suspect. Expert testimony can be what you will pay for it and trial attorneys must pay as much attention to the jury’s perception of the science as the qualifications of the experts themselves. The defense lawyer must often to be as expert as the experts to find the truth.

The series which airs tonight is available for online viewing here.

The Crowley Law Firm PLLC of experience Seattle defense lawyers  knows how to employ competent expert testimony and is aware of the fallacies of the reliability of some of forensics which passes as science but may in fact be guesswork. See earlier episodes on the “shaken baby syndrome” and the episode on autopsies here.