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Tacoma Criminal Defense Attorneys | See Who Will Be Representing You

If you find yourself arrested in Tacoma, Washington or Pierce County there are Tacoma criminal defense attorneys who can help you. The Crowley Law Firm represents clients in Tacoma courts and has demonstrated a proven track record in defending against serious crimes like murder, attempted murder, rape, drug possession with intent to sell, assault, sexual assault, theft and many other serious felonies. The Crowley Law Firm frequently practices in the Tacoma courts. That kind of experience is part of the aggressive defense you can expect if you hire The Crowley Law Firm. 

The firm provides an enormous amnount of information about you will be your Tacoma criminal defense attorneys.  You can read about many of the cases The Crowley Law Firm has tried in The Crowley Law Firm News and can see and hear your attorney speak on the John Crowley Tacoma Criminal Attorney Channel on a variety of case types. Why so much information? 

Because the stakes are very high if you are accused of a serious felony in Tacoma. You should know who is representing you and what their experience is. In our website and You Tube Channel you can see who it is will be defending you in court. Prosecutors and juries pay attention to your lawyer as much as they pay attention to you and your crime. You need an experience advocate with good courtroom skills and someone who genuinely likes and cares about his clients.