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Serious First Degree Assault Charges Being Contested in Benton County Trial | Tri-Cities Criminal Defense

The Crowley Law Firm, PLLC and John Crowley start trial in Benton County Superior Court on Monday June 29. The charge is First Degree Assault with a firearm enhancement. A conviction to these charges will carry a sentence of 450-months for client Tyree Houfmuse.

The prosecution alleges that one week before Thanksgiving of 2014, a former Black Gangster Desciple (BGD) associate of Mr. Houfmuse, Anthony “Red” Assalin, staged an invasion assault on Mr. Houfmuse’s family home in Hermiston, Oregon. There, the prosecution admits, “Red” and his two compatriots charged through the front door of the home of the defendants, guns in hand and threatening the defendant’s brother at gunpoint, all while a 5-year old child looked on in horror and through tears.
After the invasion attack, prosecutor’s allege that Mr. Houfmuse “stewed” for a week and then on Thanksgiving eve, staged an assault of his own at a local bar, shooting Mr. Asselin 6-times and leaving “Red’ wheelchair bound for life – thereafter escaping arrest for a significant period of time. The prosecution theory of the case was, of course, Revenge Rage.

Mr. Houfmuse alleges that on the night in question, he was at a quiet bar alone with his girlfriend – a former lover of Mr. Asselin – when Mr. Asselin arrived with 20 or so associates and began to argue with Mr. Houfmuse over Mr. Houfmuse’s new girlfriend. Mr. Houfmuse alleges that he suggested they retreat to quieter area in the parking lot where they could “talk things over like men”. There, the brief discussion apparently turned into an argument, a gun was brandished by Mr. Asselin and client Houfmuse apparently shot “Red” in self-defense. Mr. Houfmuse claims self-defense and intends to ask the jury to order the state to repay him his “hefty” attorney’s fees in the case of his acquittal to the Assault First Degree charges.