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Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer Successfully Defends William Myles

Last week The Crowley Law Firm represented William Myles who was charged as an adult in a gang shooting where no one was injured.

Apparently it occurred within sight of a Seattle Police Department Gang Detective.  Mid-trial, the prosecutor offered to dismiss a firearm enhancement and request from the judge an exceptional downward sentence that amounted to time served.  Mr. Myles was sentenced to that request from the prosecutor and was released from jail the following morning.

On July 13 Tanya Gilbert was murdered by a rival gang member.  A vigil in Tanya’s memory was held the next evening.  Apparently Mr. Myles was at the vigil. He departed in the evening hours and was walking on Roxbury street when he stopped at a street corner as a rival gang member’s car slowly drove by.   According to a Seattle  Police Department gang unit detective who claimed that he watched the following events as he sat in his patrol car 50-yards away, Mr. Myles slowly raised his hand and fired at the people in the passing  vehicle.

According to police, Mr. Myles ran across the street and a police K-9 immediately gave chase.   Mr. Myles was found but a gun was not.  He steadfastly denied having shot at the passing vehicle.  The opposing gang member had agreed to testify on Mr. Myles’s behalf.   After commencement of trial, the prosecution offered to dismiss a 3-year weapons enhancement. Mr. Myles’s was released the following day.

The original media news stories regarding the incident are here and here.

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