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Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer | A Review

  1. Crowley is the strongest, toughest lawyer i have ever seen in court. Period.

    Posted by Maurice, a Criminal Defense client, 
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    • I recommend John Crowley.
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    • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

    I can write this review because I am not doing time thanks to Crowley. Crowley represented me last summer on a federal drug case. I was looking at really serious prison time – 10 years plus. He never made any promises to me other than he would work very hard at the case. When Crowley walks into court, judges, lawyers spectators and everybody else takes notice. He has authority when he talks. He is strong. He is organized. He wrote a really decent brief to suppress evidence on my case. After the hearing to suppress the 5-kilos and $400,000.00 cash was coming to a close, the judge sort of shook his head and then said that the only problem with the prosecutors case was that the police didn’t have probable cause to stop my car in the first place. I new then that Crowley had pulled through again. Just like the guy who referred me to Crowley said he did for him. 

    I referred another friend to Crowley last summer. He too has a federal drug case in eastern Washington and is looking at 20-years! 20-years for a drug case. Crowley has a suppression hearing coming up on that soon. My friend was blown away with the brief that Crowley wrote for him. 

    Crowley can be a little tough to get a hold of and may not return calls like he should. But that is because he is busy fighting out cases and trials instead of hanging out in plea court like most lawyers do after they cash your check.