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Seattle Crime – Can The Seattle Crime Problem Be Solved By Longer Drinking Hours?

Nicole Brodeur of the Seattle Times wonders in her recent column about this proposed solution to the downtown Seattle crime problem: ”The state Liquor Control Board held a hearing on a proposal by the city of Seattle to let local jurisdictions set their own hours for liquor service. Some bars would close at 2 a.m., others at 3 a.m. The best-behaved bars would stay open till sunup.”  The Mayor supports the proposal. Police Chief John Diaz supports this proposal. City Attorney Pete Holmes supports the proposal.

But is it a good idea? The city has already created a task force to address the spike in murders in the first few months of 2012. It is now looking for other ways to stem criminal activity in the downtown sectors. Here is the problem:

“The “push-out” is the big problem for those who own the bars and those who live near them. Between 1 and 2 a.m., every bar in the city releases a flood of drunken, rowdy people, who then either get into their cars and take to the roads, or mill around on the sidewalks and streets.

The police are strapped. There are never enough cabs.”

Read the whole article here.

As Seattle criminal defense attorneys who practice in both Seattle, Yakima and many other Washington State cities we will be watching developments in this story as well as other issues involving criminal defense law. You can see many of these stories here in our Crowley Law News. Seattle Crime-Seattle Defense Lawyer News.