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Rick Riffe | Cold Case

See our press release regarding The Crowley Law Firm’s representation of Mr. Riffe here.

John Crowley was interviewed in an article about the case by Stephanie Schendel which appeared in The Olympian July 24, 20123.  Here are some excerpts:

“Crowley said his main concern with this case is the animosity in the community regarding the case that might affect the outcome of the trial. It seems several media outlets have already assigned guilt to Rick Riffe, he said. “It is really distressing because it has not been solved,” Crowley said. “The case will be solved when the jury comes to a decision.”

“Rick Riffe’s brother, John, would have faced the same charges but two days after the probable cause statement was signed, investigators learned John had died of a longstanding medical condition, according to the Lewis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.”
“Riffe lived in a small community of about 900 people in King Salmon, Alaska, Crowley said. He was very well known in the community, and everyone he spoke to was very surprised at the allegations.”
“Neither the sheriff nor the prosecutor would specify what recent development or change in the investigation occurred that allowed them to move forward with an arrest, but they both said witnesses played a crucial role in building the evidence against the brothers.

Mansfield previously described the case against Riffe to be “rock solid.”

Attorney Crowley also spoke with Lewis County Sirens reporter about the old evidence in the case. You can read that interview here.

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