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Recent Criminal Defense Victories: A Month Of Excellent Results For Clients Of the Crowley Law Firm

In serious felonies there is much at stake for both the client and the law firm. For the client, a life-changing, potentially disastrous result. For the law firm, an enormous amount of research, paralegal work and numerous hours both in and out of court as well as an immense desire to win in the arena. That is why on occasion we like to let potential clients know what kind of results the firm is getting in various case areas. Check the following and see if your case type is represented. These are just results in the last few weeks.


Week 1 in September: In Thurston County, client T.H. was charged with delivery of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) and possession of a firearm during a drug transaction (a 3-year deadly weapon enhancement).  Because of the client’s criminal history, his sentence range was 75-90 months.  Client was extremely helpful in construction of a suppression memorandum. Suppress (exclude) all of the evidence because of a faulty search warrant and client wins.  Lose, and he is gone for 90-months.  

The search warrant had significant problems including address irregularities, lack of proof of in the search warrant affidavit of the cooperating witness having his  “reliability” tested and the wiretap warrant permitting the wire intercept in a location different that the location the wire was actually obtained.  Client received a class “A” legal memorandum prepared for a suppression hearing.  Prosecutor decided to fight another fight and dismissed T.H.’s case on the eve of suppression hearing.


Week 2 in September: In Clark County, client E.B. was charged with Child Molestation First Degree with a potential life sentence and a visit with the Parole Board before any consideration of freedom.  Client went to trial.  Alleged victim sister claimed client had molested her on multiple occasions.  A really aggressive attack on the accusing witness left a jury unsure of what, if anything, really happened.  A 7-5 jury count leaves the prosecutor talking misdemeanor before any retrial.


Week 3 in September: In King County, client A.G. charged with possession with intent of large amount of heroin.  Significant criminal history leaves client with a 60-120 month sentencing range if convicted.  Problem was that the police were acting on complaints of drug dealing from a room at a local hotel.  Police arrive and attempt a shortcut to identifying tenant at hotel by illegally learning from front desk clerk identity of the tenant (see State v. Jorden 166 Wn.2d 121) as our Supreme Court says police must get a search warrant for this information.  Learning who the tenant was, police then secured a photograph from Department of Licensing and waited in the hotel parking lot for client.  When client left the hotel room and after looking at the DOL photograph, police decide to detain (probably an illegal detention) client.  While detained, police “pat frisked” (permitted, see, Terry v. Ohio) but when they felt an object in pocket they decided it was a package of drugs (it was actually a lot of heroin) they arrested him (a mistake according to State v. Garvin 166 Wn.2d 242).  All heroin suppressed at the commencement of trial and the prosecution left with no evidence to prove its case.  Client here ecstatic and then fires his current attorney on a pending vehicular assault charge (also a 120-month sentencing range) and then hires The Crowley Law Firm, PLLC for more magic. 


Week 4 in September: As a “tag along” felony, T.H. (see week one in Thurston County) client had also been charged in Lewis County on more minor felonies but because of criminal history was still looking at about 16-20 months.  This case was a trial but client was buoyed by the first victory in Thurston and would really listen.  This case was a technical defense to a theft of a very large amount of diesel fuel.  Lawyer and client agreed in advance to a bench (judge only) trial and no jury. Honorable Nelson Hunt sustained 16-defense objections during the first witness testimony.  Prosecution probably precluded from proving its case but as a precautionary measure, defense offered and prosecution then accepted a mid-trial misdemeanor and likely gets a 2-month agreed home detention at sentencing.


In Clark County, client A.A. who is currently charged with 4-counts of Rape and a 25-year minimum sentence will plead next week to a misdemeanor and an agreed home detention sentence of 1-month. 

AVVO REVIEW is a website listing attorneys by specialty and clients of attorneys are given the opportunity to leave a review. Here is our most recent one.


Way more than what I paid for

The charges were so serious – rape. But John really guided me through the process. This was a few months ago. He didn’t really make a big deal out of anything. Really calm and cool under intense pressure at trial. Rape is serious and I was staring at a 25 year sentence. After he beat up on the accuser, he turned to me and said I think I should go talk to the prosecutor about deal. Why a deal. John said he would offer a misdemeanor with no jail. I heard him propose that to the prosecutor and she then asked how long she had to think about it. He said 5-minutes. I got my no jail misdemeanor and saved 25-years of my life thanks to him. Expensive yes. Worth it. Really yes.

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