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Probation And Parole — New Programs May Be Signed Into Law — Seattle Defense Lawyer News

Washington State is poised to become the first state to have a novel new program for dealing with probation and parole violations. It includes swift and sure justice for offenders of probation or parole but also has shown in the experimental program to reduce drug use and recidivism. Modeled after a program in Hawaii, violators would be subject to immediate arrest and incarceration for infractions but in micro-sentencing terms of 3 to 30 days and sometimes more for more serious offences..

The Senate bill 6204 may pass due to the increased savings to the state in violation hearings and staff. A similar program is also in place in Alaska.

“Key to the program’s success, she says, is the reality that even ex-cons with long histories of drug abuse can be conditioned to change their behavior when faced with a heightened threat of jail time. The minority that test positive for drugs despite knowing that they will be punished with jail, she adds, have identified themselves as prime candidates for treatment.”

The Crowley Law Firm PLLC are criminal defense attorneys practicing in Seattle, Yakima, Spokane, Renton, Bellingham, Bellvue and many other cities in Washington State. They also represent clients for federal appeals and in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Criminal defense lawyers will be watching this bill and the pilot program in hopes it can help end the revolving door in the criminal justice system.