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Praise From Recent Comment On AVVO: Best Lawyer there ever could be!

Despite the complexity of a client’s charges and past history we endeavor at The Crowley Law Firm to put a full reasoned effort in protecting their rights and in navigating the criminal justice system. It can work out very well for the client and it is often appreciated as in this recent AVVO review.


Best Lawyer there ever could be !

5.0 stars

Posted by Larry 

I’ve dealt with Mr.John R. Crowley First hand . 

He is very confident, When he tells you something he means it. He won’t tell you something he doesn’t mean . John produces amazing results . When I was extradited from New York state department of corrections I was facing more then 14 years in prison. That was 11 months ago and now I at home with my family . John and everyone at the crowley Law Firm work very hard and make true on there words. His paralegals have a keen ear to listen to any concerns or any alterations you may need in the midst of fighting any criminal case they are more then just knowledgable when it comes to the actual law they are professionals . Wait until you see John work his magic in front of the prosecution he is amazing to watch . Again he produces I am not just passing on information first hand he did it for me. 
If you want the best attorney in your area .Spend the money and get john it will be the best thing you EVER did ! Its the best i ever did . Thank you John and everyone else at the crowley Law Firm Im home right now only because of you .Your hard work and dedication changes lives . HIRE JOHN R CRAWLY