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Juvenile Life Sentences Re-Considered

The Supreme Court heard two cases last week regarding life sentences for juveniles tried as adults for homicides.  The cases  Miller v. Alabama and Jackson v. Hobbs were discussed in oral arguments (you can read an update on the questions the justices asked here). The court has earlier ruled in Graham v. Florida that “life without parole” is unconstitutional for non-homicidal crimes committed by juvenile offenders.

The Crowley Law Firm PLLC — practicing criminal defense attorneys in Seattle, Yakima, Bellevue, Renton, Spokane, Olympia and all across Washington State is also certified to practice appellate law in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals — recently defended a juvenile charged as an adult where the stakes were extremely high. The stakes in some of these cases can be as high as a life sentence. This case had a positive outcome for the client. See the William Myles case here.

One of the interesting developments during the Supreme Court’s hearing was an alliance of both offenders and victim’s parents joining together to voice a concern that life without parole (who can be as young as 12 in some states) is cruel and unusual punishment. Read about this unique alliance here.