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John Crowley To Defend Brenda Wing in Lewis County Murder Trial | Things Not Always What They Seem

John Crowley, the principal attorney at The Crowley Law Firm of Seattle, Tacoma, Yakima and in federal appeals nationwide, talks to the press about why the firm’s client Brenda Wing should be found Not Guilty in the upcoming murder trial in Lewis County. Read the attached article from the Centralia Chronicle and an excerpt here. 

“Crowley requested on Thursday in Lewis County Superior Court for the trial to be moved back one week to May 18, which the judge granted.

He told reporters the extra week will give him enough time to review an interview the prosecution plans to have in about a week with Brenda Wing’s husband, Danny Wing, who took a plea deal with the state on March 19.

Crowley said he knew the deal with Danny Wing likely was going to happen, and because he took a plea deal, what really happened to Jasper at the Wing’s Vader home will be much clearer.”

Centralia Chronicle

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Brenda Wing will be defended by John Crowley of The Crowley Law Firm.

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