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Fugitive Talks To Police On His Facebook Page

The recent case of Dustin McComb –an accused rapist on the run– who objects to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama posting his picture as its “Creep of the Week” is either funny, sad or both. Depending on how you read the story (and what the particular “angle” of the publication presenting the story) was Dustin is either a “troll” or a someone who is looking for the best way to surrender and have his day in court.  Let’s start with the obvious. If you are fugitive on the run it is not a good idea to tweak the police on your Facebook page.  But it is clear he was not just out to punk the police. He seems like he does want to turn himself in. He should have retained a lawyer and let the lawyer negotiate his surrender rather than try to do it himself in a public forum. Giving the pervasive nature of the Facebook/Twitter world, this will not be the last time.