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Federal Defense Lawyer Practice Expanded At The Crowley Law Firm

The Crowley Law Firm practicing defense law for those accused of serious felonies and federal crimes in all of the state of Washington and in many federal jurisdictions around the country. We are expanding our federal defense practice for anyone with federal charges like:

Federal Drug Crimes such as Trafficking, Smuggling and Distribution and Sales.

Weapons charges including Firearms Trafficking and Unlawful Import or Export of Weapons.

Racketeering or RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) Charges.

Criminal Gang activity. Conspiracy Charges. Human Trafficking.

Sex Crimes such as Kidnapping For The Purpose of Committing a Sex Crime.

Charges stemming from “Sex Tourism” accusations.

A federal defense lawyer is a specialist not any attorney can help you with the ins and out of the federal judicial system.

The Crowley Law Firm also has strategic alliances with litigation support specialists who can crunch the thousands of pages of documents (using the most technologically advanced litigation software and techniques) to find the details in your case which can result in a positive outcome.

Go to FEDERAL DEFENSE LAWYER to make quick contact with the firm’s federal defense specialists.