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Example Case Results

Below are just some of our recent felony case results/victories in Washington State:


Assault Charges

  • Domestic Violence Battery – simple battery; no jail
  • Felony Domestic Violence and False Imprisonment – Domestic violence dismissed/no jail
  • Domestic Violence battery w/injury/child neglect/ dissuading witness reduced to simple battery
  • Violation Restraining Order – Case dismissed
  • Correctional Officer Vandalism; no jail; job restored
  • Felony Stalking misd. Annoying phone call
  • Felony Criminal threat/ stalking/ reduced to misdemeanor violation restraining order
  • Spousal Abuse w/injury; Battery/ vandalism/ – probation
  • Felony child endangerment reduced to misdemeanor; no jail
  • Assault deadly weapon reduced to Resisting Peace officer misdemeanor; no jail
  • Violate restraining order-Case dismissed
  • Stalking Charges dismissed
  • Spousal Battery Case dismissed
  • Poss. of Assault Weapon/Tampering w/phone line – dismissed


Drug Accusations

  • Felony Possession of Marijuana – Case dismissed
  • Felony poss. meth; drug paraphernalia; battery – Case dismissed
  • Possession controlled substance ecstasy – Case dismissed
  • Possession of methamphetamine – Case dismissed
  • Possession of concentrated cannabis – Charges dismissed
  • Possession of MJ in a vehicle – Charges dismissed
  • Felony Sales/Transportation cocaine base w/ priors – facing 10+ years state prison – probation
  • Felony Sales/Transportation meth w/ prior – Probation
  • Felony Sales/Transportation marijuana – Probation
  • Felony Sales steroids – Probation
  • Felony Sales of Marijuana reduced misd. – No jail
  • Felony Possession MJ for sale/ Felony Transportation MJ reduced misdemeanor possession
  • Felony Possession of MJ – Reduced misd.; no jail
  • Poss. drug paraphernalia – Charges dismissed
  • Poss. MJ/Open Container – Charges dismissed
  • Poss MJ in a vehicle – Charges dismissed
  • under influence of drugs – Charges dismissed
  • Under Influence of drugs – Charges dismissed


Theft Charges

  • Felony Residential Burglary/ Strike misd – no jail
  • Felony 12 counts perjury/identity theft/ grand theft – no jail
  • Felony theft with 4 priors; on probation for Misdemeanor
  • Felony Grand theft/Auto theft, misdemeanor false information
  • 5 count felony complaint – theft/embezzlement/misdemeanor; no jail
  • Felony Receipt of stolen property Misd fine/ no jail
  • Felony and Misd. Theft/ burglary Misd. – no jail
  • Felony Welfare fraud Case dismissed
  • Felony illegal contracting misd.; no jail
  • Felony Grand Theft Case dismissed
  • Felony Fraud misd.; no jail
  • Burglary/ Vandalism petty theft; no jail
  • Petty theft and Costco trespass; no jail
  • Vandalism/Theft Case dismissed
  • Petty theft; Vandalism Infraction
  • Vandalism / Theft All Charges Dropped


Sex Related Charges

  • Felony statutory rape – no charges filed
  • Soliciting prostitution – disturbing the peace
  • Molest a child/ sex offender registration reduced to disorderly conduct and $475 fine
  • Felony Statutory rape/ oral cop/ digital penetration – Hung jury/acquittal
  • Felony forcible rape/Sodomy – probation; no registration
  • Felony forcible rape – Statutory rape; probation
  • Felony Child molestation charge – Probation