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Shaken Baby Cases | Second Degree Murder Charge | Christopher Everette | Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney John Crowley

The Crowley Law Firm of Seattle and Yakima and locations throughout Washington State has defended in several high-profile “shaken baby” cases. These are difficult cases for a number of reasons. First the horrific nature of the alleged crime. Secondly, the difficulty of forensic science’s ability of accurately access the the cause of injuries to a child or infant. John Crowley, the principal of the Crowley Law Firm, will be representing Chris Everette of Kelso who has been charged with “second-degree murder and... Read More

How To Find A Good Lawyer On The Internet | Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney John Crowley

We hope this never happens to you, but at some time in your life you may be accused or arrested and charged with a violation of the criminal code. Especially for those who have had little contact with the criminal justice system, selecting an attorney will be a daunting task. You may be fortunate to already know a good criminal lawyer but if you are like most people, this will be uncharted waters for you. The advent of the Internet and social media has provided a new kind of access to finding a criminal defense attorney. Rather than... Read More

Joshua Snapp Murder Case | Criminal Defense Attorney John Crowley

There was a fairly lengthy article in the Tri-City Herald this past weekend regarding our client John Young and the murder of Joshua Snapp in Richland on July 4, 2013. We reprint a portion and a link for it here. You can read our statement on the John Crowley website... Read More

Adams County Murder Suspect Francisco Rizo To Be Represented By Crowley Law Firm | Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney

Francisco Rizo was arrested July 12, 2013 by Adams County sheriffs for the double murder of Juan Luis Rizo-Torres and Ruben Gonzalez-Navarrete, Mr. Rizo is to be represented by the Crowley Law Firm of Seattle and Yakima Washington. In early news reports the circumstances of the shootings is not exactly clear. We always caution readers to remember that the facts as they may be presented in an investigation and prosecution will become clearer as the case moves forward. As one news report states in a quote by Adams County Sheriff Doug... Read More

Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney To Represent John Young In The Richland Slaying Of Josh Snapp | John Crowley Lawyer

John Crowley Seattle criminal defense attorney will be representing John Young in the July 4, 2013 killing of Joshua Snapp. Also charged with 1st Degree Murder is Josh Hunt. The story has received significant press attention but perhaps not surprisingly the newspaper accounts all differ somewhat. It is always a mistake to rely on the early press reports of such a horrific event. What is clear are the heartbreaking ramifications for the family and friends of the victim as well as the families of the accused. Perhaps it is the young age of... Read More

Federal Drug Arrest | John Crowley To Represent Rodrigo Taizan-Rodriguez On Federal Drug Charges | Okanogan County

John Crowley criminal defense attorney with offices in Seattle and Yakima will represent Rodrigo Taizan who was arrested with two others on federal drug charges after a two year investigation by North Central Washington Narcotics Task Force, Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Border Patrol. Mr. Crowley intends to vigorous defend his client and will investigate and attack the warrants used in this investigation. Mr. Crowley was surprised at the high bail set ($400,000) a number generally used for cases such as murder. The... Read More

Have A Safe Fourth Of July | John Crowley Criminal Defense Lawyer | Seattle Tacoma Yakima Washington State

Fourth Of July is not only a huge holiday for the country but a particularly big holiday in the Pacific Northwest and Washington State. We urge everyone to have fun but also be safe. Unfortunately sometimes things happen around a major holiday and if you find yourself caught up in something where you arrested or suspected of some crime do not hesitate to get in touch with us even if it is a holiday. Competent criminal defense is your right under the Constitution. These rights are part of what we celebrate on July 4th.  Our website and... Read More

Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney | Why We Don’t Judge Clients | John Crowley Lawyer

Sometimes Seattle criminal defense lawyers get a bad rap. On occasion members of the public may think defense lawyers of those accused of crimes  (often particularly heinous crimes) show a lack of morality  in daring to accept clients of crimes they may find especially troubling.  So, why don’t criminal defense attorneys judge their clients?  Interestingly, some do. But in order for the criminal justice system to work, at all, criminal defense attorneys must put aside their own feelings and practice defense law  – which... Read More

White Collar Crime | Seattle Federal Defense Attorney John Crowley

The phrase “white-collar crime” was coined in 1939 during a speech given by Edwin Sutherland to the American Sociological Society. Sutherland defined the term as “crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.” — Cornell Legal Information Institute When hearing reports of instances or allegations of “white collar” crime no particular criminal activity comes to mind. The definitions are much broader and less clear the closer one looks at what... Read More

Drug Arrest And Federal Prosecutions | Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney

Gray areas in new drug laws could lead to federal drug arrests and prosecutions. In states like Washington  everything from the legal limit of the potency to make marijuana, marijuana to whether “dispensaries” are prohibited under current federal law (and whether the Justice Department will prosecute those dispensaries) is in question. In an article in the state capitol’s main local paper The News Tribune whether the Congressional Representatives of Washington State will support changes in the federal laws which are in... Read More