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Seattle Defense Attorney John Crowley To Defend Cory Mezo In Hit And Run Case | Whatcom County

The Crowley Law Firm principal John Crowley will be defending Cory Mezo who police allege was involved in a hit and run accident in Bellingham which caused serious injury to a pedestrian. We caution readers of this story to remember that early press reports of the incident are sketchy and subject to change and to read them with a grain of salt.  Early press reports do not include many of the details which will come to light after investigation by both the police and the defense counsel. What does seem to be clear is that the accident... Read More

A Happy New Year: Make It Safe And Sane | Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney John Crowley

We at The Crowley Law Firm want to wish all our clients, associates and the many people who assist us in doing our work a very Happy New Year! It has been a remarkable year at The Crowley Law Firm with several high profile trials and many, many successes for clients that never make the news at all. We endeavor to continue to provide the highest level of defense to our clients in the forthcoming year. We also know that at this time of year things happen. As we have learned from experience sometimes all you have to do is be at the wrong... Read More

Hung Jury Leads To The Crowley Law Firm Client’s Release | Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney | John Crowley

Charged with two counts of child molestation and defended at trial by John Crowley of The Crowley Law Firm, a hung jury has resulted in the client being be released from jail. The jury was hung 8-4 and through an agreement with the prosecution, B.G. the law firm’s client was allowed to make an Alford plea to a misdemeanor charge and was released from jail the same day.  In an Alford Plea, the criminal defendant does not admit the act, but admits that the prosecution could likely prove the charge. The court will pronounce the... Read More

Skagit County Homicide Charges Dropped For John Crowley Lawyer Client

Just two weeks after The Crowley Law Firm secured dismissal of double murder charges in Adams County, John Crowley reports that homicide charges have been dismissed for its client Johnnie Rodriguez in a Skagit County gang related case. When Rodriguez’s home was invaded by members of the Cerranos gang — who thought they were attacking members of the Nortenos — Rodriguez defended himself against the attackers. Initially charged with a double homicide, the criminal defense team at The Crowley Law Firm stood firm in defense... Read More

Cold Case Murder Trial | Opening Arguments | Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer

UPDATE: We have had numerous requests for information about the cold case murder trial of Mr. Rick Riffe currently underway in the Lewis County Superior Court. John Crowley is defending Rick Riffe accused of a brutal murder in 1985 in Chehalis, and more than ever John Crowley is convinced this is a prosecution brought to bring closure to the family and the town and not based on the facts. In the opening statement the prosecution admitted they have no forensic evidence tying Rick Riffe to this crime. The Crowley Law Firm intends to... Read More

Double Murder Charges Dismissed | John Crowley Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer | Francisco Rizo Case

The Crowley Law Firm has announced that murder charges have been dismissed against Francisco Rizo who is defended by The Crowley Law Firm principal John Crowley. The motion to dismiss is granted and the defendant is to be released on today’s date. The Adams County case was sparked by a verbal and physical confrontation between the victims and another orchard worker. The positive resolution for this client came just three and a half months after Mr. Rizo’s arrest. Read More

Rick Riffe Murder Trial Jury Selection Begins Monday In Lewis County | John Crowley Criminal Defense Attorney Seattle

Beginning Monday October 7, 2012 John Crowley and his team will begin the defense of Rick Riffe against charges that he murdered Ed and Wilhelmina Maurin many, many years ago. It is unknown to Mr. Riffe who committed these horrific acts – what is known is that Rick Riffe is innocent of these appallingly terrible crimes. Nobody, absolutely nobody, saw Rick Riffe on the day of the murder anywhere remotely near the Maurins or their home on Highway 12 east of Chehalis. The only person whom the prosecution asserts makes that claim, a Jason... Read More

Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys | Going To Trial – What It Really Means | The Crowley Law Firm

Not every case of our clients needs to go to trial. The attorneys at The Crowley Law Firm consult intensively with our clients to determine the best course of action. But sometimes “going to trial” is the only logical resolution. Let’s start with the obvious. Sometimes you are just not guilty and accepting a plea which may include jail time is not the proper course of action. Sometimes the prosecutor’s case is not strong. The police may not have followed accepted procedure. And like we said, “Sometimes you are just not... Read More

Cold Case Murder Trial Update | Rick Riffe Trial | John Crowley Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney

John Crowley of The Crowley Law Firm Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys will be defending in a 27 year old cold case prosecution in Lewis County at the beginning of October. The prosecution is one of oldest ever brought and remarkable in that there is no new evidence linking the alleged perpetrator Rick Riffe to the crime. The Crowley Law Firm believes this is a misplaced prosecution and intends to vigorously defend Mr. Riffe against these accusations. In a court hearing yesterday, several unresolved discovery issues were brought to the... Read More

Operation Green Jam Defendant To Be Represented By The Crowley Law Firm | Federal Drug Investigation

The Crowley Law Firm of Seattle and Tacoma and Washington State will be representing one of the defendants arrested in the joint federal and state investigation “Operation Green Jam.” The accusations stem from a three-year investigation targeting alledged marijuana growing operations within Yakima Valley vineyards. Federal agents and state and local officers executed seven federal search warrants and arrested 19 suspects in Yakima County; Grants Pass, Oregon; Union City, California; Manteca, California and Los Angeles,... Read More