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Dramatic Trial Victory For The Crowley Law Firm | Seattle-Tacoma Felony Lawyers

Last week in another trial victory for The Crowley Law Firm,  defense counsel Arturo Menéndez was able to secure a dismissal in the middle of trial for our client. Our client was charged with Assault in the Second Degree with a deadly weapon as well as Assault in the Fourth Degree. The State alleged that our client and his wife were in an argument, and when things became heated between the two of them, their 21 year-old son started arguing with him too. The State alleged that our client then hit his wife with a Thigh-master and... Read More

Recent Victories At The Crowley Law Firm | Seattle Defense Attorney

In Snohomish County today John Crowley was able to secure a dismissal in a case of an ounce of heroin with intent to distribute. The team at The Crowley Law Firm with chief litigator John Crowley in court was able to suppress most of the prosecutions case against our client which led to an agreed upon dismissal of the charges.  In Grant County recently a felony sexual assault on a child case was so dismantled by the cross examination by lead attorney John Crowley that the prosecutor opted to take a plea misdemeanor assault with no jail... Read More

Not Guilty Verdict For Kittatis County Ellensburg Client | John Crowley Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney | Sexual Assault Case

On Friday May 16th, 2014 a jury after several hours of deliberation returned a not guilty verdict for our client in Kittatis County. John Crowley the principal attorney for The Crowley Law Firm of Seattle, Yakima, Spokane conducted the defense in a day long trial where our client was alleged to have committed a sexual assault. Read More

Closing Arguments In John Young Murder Trial Benton County | Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney John Crowley

Closing arguments were heard yesterday and the jury began deliberations in the murder trial of John Young, a teen who was alleged to have participated in the premeditated murder of Josh Snapp last July 4th in Benton County. The Crowley Law Firm is confident the prosecution has not proved its case having failed beyond a reasonable doubt that John Young fired any bullet that caused the death of Mr. Snapp. Another man who convicted in a separate trial recently in Benton County. Here is some video of John Crowley the Seattle defense attorney... Read More

Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney John Crowley Opening Arguments In Benton County Murder Trial

  Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney John Crowley Video KEPR TV   Opening arguments were heard today in the murder trial of John Cameron Young who is accused of the murder of Joshua Snapp in Benton County. Already convicted of this crime is Josh Hunt who admitted pulling out a gun and shooting Snapp. As the following article from the Tri-City Herald shows, Mr. Crowley showed in opening arguments why he believes the prosecution is “overreaching” in their charging of John Young. “He will tell you as (the three) stood... Read More

In The Middle Of Trial Serious Charges Become A Serious Victory In Grant County

In Grant County this week John Crowley defended at trial a client charged with serious crimes. Charged with with 1st Degree Rape of a child and 1st Degree child molestation (which could have resulted in a sentence of 25 years and a lifetime brand of sex criminal) John Crowley carefully cross examined the prosecution witnesses with a way which can only be learned from many years of felony trial experience. Midway through the trial it was quite clear that the charges against our client were less sound than they may have appeared on party.... Read More

Recent Crowley Law Firm Cases | Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Crowley Law Firm has represented clients in several high profile felony cases including murder cases within the last six months. But going to trial is only part of what a good criminal defense lawyer is employed to do. For instance in a recent drug case in Pierce County, The Crowley Law Firm was able to reduce the bail of a client from $250,000 to $25,000 so that the client may remain free and provide assistance in defending his case. A murder case was dismissed after the prosecution failed to provide any corroboration of our... Read More

Yakima Nortenos Surenos Gang Murder Trial | John Crowley Criminal Defense Attorney

The Crowley Law Firm will be representing David Chavez in an alleged Nortenos-Surenos gang slaying in September of 2012. The accused is alleged to be part of group of five or six responsible for the death of Jose Rodriquez September of 2012. After some discovery was forwarded to the defense team at The Crowley Law Firm it became clear that no only was our client David Chavez not the shooter in this incident but the alleged gang incident may have had nothing to do with gangs at all. The underlying story should be revealed in court and the... Read More

Sentencing In The Cold Case Murder Trial Of Rick Riffe | John Crowley Seattle Defense Attorney

This may be the most unusual case The Crowley Law Firm has ever defended in. The cold case murder trial of Rick Riffe in Lewis County was a case where the prosecution was more narrative than fact and nearly all circumstantial — and by circumstantial we do not mean circumstantial in a compelling way. It is extremely strange to bring a cold case prosecution after nearly three decades when there is no DNA evidence, fingerprints or even a clear theory of the crime.  The prosecution even stated that they don’t exactly know what... Read More

New Pilot Program For DUI Second Offenders Begins January 1, 2014 | But Is It Legal?

As reported on King 5 news, a new pilot program for those convicted of a second DUI will begin January 1, 2014 in Chelan County, Spokane County, and Thurston County, as well as in the cities of Kent and Centralia. Those a judge has placed in the program must appear for a breath test twice a day or pay for an ankle monitor. If the subject fails the breath test they will be incarcerated. How this will work in practice (How does the ankle monitor guarantee the subject’s sobriety?) was not clear in the report. How this squares with... Read More