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Fugitive Talks To Police On His Facebook Page

The recent case of Dustin McComb –an accused rapist on the run– who objects to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama posting his picture as its “Creep of the Week” is either funny, sad or both. Depending on how you read the story (and what the particular “angle” of the publication presenting the story) was Dustin is either a “troll” or a someone who is looking for the best way to surrender and have his day in court.  Let’s start with the obvious. If you are fugitive... Read More

John Crowley on KOMO 4 News

SEATTLE — The Seattle Police Department’s audit of potential misconduct has not yet begun, but it is already coming under public scrutiny. The audit was scheduled in the wake of Thursday’ suicide of an officer suspected of evidence tampering. The goal is simple: prosecutors and the police department both want to know what other possible problems Officer Richard F. Nelson may have caused. However, the consequences will not be so simple, says one attorney. The 21-year veteran officer was found fatally wounded just hours... Read More

Supreme Court To Take Dog Sniff Fourth Amendment Case

There are many nuances in the use of drug sniffing dogs in police work and how it impacts a person’s rights. The Supreme Court has now agreed to hear Florida V. Jardines which examines if a drug dog sniff without probable cause is constitutional. Compounding the issue is the accuracy of dog sniffs in the first place. As the terrific linked article states: “The accuracy and reliability of the canine sniffs are lower than many think. The privacy interest in the place to be searched is more important than the goal of those... Read More

Marijuana Decriminalization Headed For The Washington State Ballot

It’s still against the law so don’t get your hopes up, but with considerable support –including Seattle City Attorney Peter Holmes– it will be put to the ballot this fall. The current law outline is included on our website.  Read more about it here. MARIJUANA Getting caught with an amount of marijuana that is 40 grams (1.41 ounces) or less is considered a misdemeanor possession charge if the marijuana was not intended for distribution or sale. Possession of any other illicit drug will automatically result in a... Read More

Frontline Documentary Reveals Glaring Holes In Death Investigation In America

Television viewers may have a skewed notion of what really happens in practice when a person dies in America. We may think a coroner conducts a investigation worthy of a CSI episode but the reality is quite different. The acclaimed PBS show Frontline investigated what really happens and the glaring holes in the expertise and resources of various states and municipalities across the nation. Crimes may be going unnoticed and evidence corrupted in an area of the system we know little about or turn our eyes away.  Click the link below to... Read More

“See” Who Will Be Representing You.

It’s your life. You shouldn’t pick your attorney out of the phone book. We at The Crowley Law Firm have spent some effort to provide videos that can  give you a sense of what to expect — and what is at stake. We think you can get a good sense of how your advocate is going to defend you by the confidence of their arguments and demeanor in court. You can see some of the videos on this website under the subject categories above and also at our You Tube channel: The John Crowley Law Firm PLLC You Tube Channel Over seven... Read More

Was The Colton-Harris 6.5 Year Federal Sentence Fair?

A lot of buzz at the courthouse on Friday as the sentence for Colton Harris-Moore aka The Barefoot Bandit was handed down.  The rumor is that the judge, Richard Jones, is the brother of musical genius and Seattle native Quincy Jones. Actually, half-brother but close enough. Here is a good recap of the case and a detailed look at the sentence. by blogger Bob Friel of the aptly-titled Outlaws & Outcasts... Read More

Interpreters Can Be Crucial To Your Case

We always consider what the client understands and doesn’t understand when they are accused of a crime. Click here to go to the article. Read More

Federal Sentencing Guidelines: Should They Be Abolished?

August 15, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ — Federal Sentencing Guidelines: Should They Be Abolished? Article provided by The Crowley Law Firm Visit us at Outside of the ongoing healthcare debate, arguably the most controversial issue facing the 111th Congress stems from federal sentencing guidelines. Much maligned for their disproportionate impact on minorities and the poor, mandatory minimum sentences are facing increased scrutiny in light of state budget shortfalls, federal deficits, and changing... Read More

Attorney John Crowley Launches Initiative

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) September 16, 2011 Leading criminal defense lawyer John Crowley has announced that his firm has launched a new initiative that vastly improves consumers’ ability to search for a top lawyer more selectively. “There is so much information on the Web nowadays that finding a legal specialist can be a challenge,” Crowley said. “My consumer initiative draws people’s attention to the type of legal service they need in a more precise fashion. It streamlines the search process.” The Crowley Law Firm’s new Web site... Read More