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I Hope I Never Need A Lawyer Again But If I Did…

We do not usually solicit reviews from our clients but sometimes they take it upon themselves to post how their case went on the famous AVVO lawyer rating website.   From a very recent case: I was charged with Robbery in the 1st degree, and was looking 8 yrs +… John was cool calm and collective the whole time needless to say I wasn’t… At one point after the prosecutor was going to add another charge… I called John, ready to plea out to Robbery 2nd for 22 months .. His was response was I’m glad you would... Read More

Federal Criminal Defense Victory From The Defendant’s Viewpoint

This unsolicited review appeared in last week from one of the co-defendant’s in the recent federal time card fraud trial regading operations at the Hanford nuclear facility in Washington State. It is a perspective which is rarely seen but it speaks to what is at stake in a federal criminal trial. “I was not John’s client in the case but was a co-defendant. He saved all of our lives though and that is why I am reviewing him. Me and 3 others were charged with wire fraud. It went federal. We were all really... Read More

Not Guilty Of Rape Specifications For JBLM Soldier | John Crowley Defense Attorney

John Crowley the principal lawyer of The Crowley Law Firm of Seattle-Tacoma and Yakima defended a soldier accused of rape and other charges in a court martial at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord yesterday and received  ”Not Guilty” verdicts from the panel as to those specifications. More information will follow in an update later today. Read More

Federal Criminal Defense In Hanford WA Time Card Trial Ends With Stunning Not Guilty Verdicts

After a grueling month long trial by top federal trial lawyer John Crowley , a jury took a stunning 6-hours to reject all federal fraud charges against client Kenneth Baird in a 16-count 230 million dollar wire fraud allegation.  It was an emotionally charged verdict where virtually all in the courtroom were in tears – including the court clerk who was reading the verdict – during the long reading of the 16 not guilty findings.   The 230 million dollar wire fraud allegations of the prosecution were buttressed by... Read More

Federal Hanford Time Card Fraud Trial Begins In Richland WA | John Crowley Criminal Defense Attorney

John Crowley is defending Ken Baird, a foreman at the remediation tank farms of the Hanford Nuclear facility near Richland in the Eastern District of Washington Federal Court in a trial which began this week. The high profile trial is actually one of three in which the US Government is bringing prosecuting workers at the Hanford facility for their alleged participation in time card irregularities of their former employer the giant CH2M Hill which ran clean-up operations at the plant. Along with three other low-level supervisors, Mr. Baird... Read More

Sometimes The Best Defense Is Not Going To Trial At All | The Crowley Law Firm

Attorney Arturo Menedez of The Crowley Law Firm has proved that sometimes the best defense for a client is not going to trial at all. In the last two weeks he has had two outright dismissal of charges against clients. Careful preparation and attention to detail is his hallmark and the staff at The Crowley Law Firm including paralegals and top notch law clerks assisted in the dismissals. Rather than just plea bargaining or taking a chance on a judge or jury trial Arturo believes in always attempting to get the best result for the... Read More

Drug Possession With An Off The Charts Range Reduced To Sentencing Alternative | Top Felony Drug Attorney

In a serious heroin possession drug felony case in Spokane recently the principal attorney John Crowley of The Crowley Law Firm of Seattle, Tacoma and Yakima along with a team of paralegal and first rate law clerks was able to secure an excellent result for the client. The client was accused to making two deliveries of heroin and a resulting search warrant was served at his residence. Two different packages of 80 grams of heroin were found during the search. Because the client had nine felony convictions on his record the sentence range... Read More

Faced With A “Strikeout” Our Client Is Able To Plead To A Misdemeanor In Snohomish County | Major Felony Lawyer

In Snohomish County today, principal attorney John Crowley of The Crowley Law Firm (with offices in Seattle, Yakima and Tacoma) was able negotiate an agreement allowing our client — who was facing a three strikes sentence — to instead plead to “communication with a minor.” This is a non-strike offense. The initial charge was “Child Molestation In the Second Degree.” If the prosecutor’s case had convinced a jury at trial, our client would have received a long prison term. When preparing a case for... Read More

Facing 600 Months In Prison Alleged Playboyz Member Pleads To 6 Month Work Release | Criminal Defense Attorneys

In another significant result for The Crowley Law Firm’s principal defense attorney, John Crowley, secured a plea agreement of only 6 months work release for James Lopez Jr. in a King County Superior Court yesterday. Mr. Lopez was facing a 600-month sentence for his alleged role in a gunfight where 168 shots were fired between rival gang members during a melee at a custom car show in Kent, Washington.  The result allowed Mr. Lopez to plead to a non-strike offense – Rendering Criminal Assistance. With an offender score... Read More

BREAKING NEWS: Retroactive Reduction In Federal Drug Trafficking Sentences | Federal Drug Defense Lawyer

On July 18, 2014, the US Sentencing Commission voted unanimously to apply a reduction in the sentencing guideline levels applicable to most federal drug trafficking offenders retroactively. Unless Congress disapproves the amendment, beginning November 1, 2014, eligible offenders can ask courts to reduce their sentences. Offenders whose requests are granted by the courts can be released no earlier than November 1, 2015. This may effect 46,000 inmates currently serving federal drug sentences and on average will result in a reduction of at... Read More