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Praise From Recent Comment On AVVO: Best Lawyer there ever could be!

Despite the complexity of a client’s charges and past history we endeavor at The Crowley Law Firm to put a full reasoned effort in protecting their rights and in navigating the criminal justice system. It can work out very well for the client and it is often appreciated as in this recent AVVO review.   Best Lawyer there ever could be ! 5.0 stars Posted by Larry August 9, 2016 I’ve dealt with Mr.John R. Crowley First hand .  He is very confident, When he tells you something he means it. He won’t tell you... Read More

Not Guilty Verdicts On Two Counts First Degree Arson Snohomish County Friday March 4, 2016 – John Crowley Defending

After an earlier trial which ended in a hung jury Snohomish County elected to retry The Crowley Law Firm client. (The Crowley Law Firm practices in all counties in Washington State and in Federal Courts) In a highly technical two-and-a-half week trial, Crowley Law Firm principal John Crowley was able to secure a complete acquittal on both counts of 1st Degree Arson. More details to follow. See other case types defended by The Crowley Law Firm... Read More

An AVVO Review From A Client Facing Serious Charges Over The Holidays.

When you are facing serious charges it might be hard to get in the holiday spirit. But this Crowley Law Firm client got the best present ever. His review from the AVVO site: A Christmas to remember! Thanks to John! 5.0 stars Posted by a client January 2, 2016  Hired attorney I recently was accused and charged with a sexual assault crime which carried a long prison sentence, and if found guilty, I would’ve gone to prison for a while and would’ve lost my family and everything I’ve worked hard for. As a... Read More

Breaking News: Not Guilty Verdict For Tyree Houfmuse on 1st Degree Assault Charges in Benton County

On November 19 at 5:30 pm the jury returned a NOT GUILTY verdict in favor of Tyree Houfmuse. John Crowley of the Crowley Law Firm was defense counsel for Mr. Houfmuse. This is the second trial of Mr. Houfmuse as the first ended in a mistrial.  The prosecution alleged that one week before Thanksgiving of 2014, a former Black Gangster Desciple (BGD) associate of Mr. Houfmuse, Anthony “Red” Assalin, staged an invasion assault on Mr. Houfmuse’s family home in Hermiston, Oregon. There, the prosecution admits, “Red” and his two... Read More

Recent Criminal Defense Victories: A Month Of Excellent Results For Clients Of the Crowley Law Firm

In serious felonies there is much at stake for both the client and the law firm. For the client, a life-changing, potentially disastrous result. For the law firm, an enormous amount of research, paralegal work and numerous hours both in and out of court as well as an immense desire to win in the arena. That is why on occasion we like to let potential clients know what kind of results the firm is getting in various case areas. Check the following and see if your case type is represented. These are just results in the last few weeks. DRUG... Read More

Client Review On Recent Victories

An unsolicited review from a client represented by John Crowley on felonies in two Washington State counties. Asks the question: What do you want in a criminal defense attorney? Happy talk or results? courtroom genius When I hired John I was facing 5 felonies in 2 counties and looking at many years. Now both cases are resolved and i ended up with two misdemeanors and 90 days on them.  This is what I would tell any person who is facing some serious charges. If you need emotional support pick a different attorney. If you want a legal... Read More

Breaking News: Mistrial Granted in Houfmuse 1st Degree Assault Case In Benton County | John Crowley Defense Attorney

In a stranger than television twist to an extremely serious First Degree Assault trial in Benton County, Washington, the trial judge reluctantly granted a defense motion for a mistrial today after apparent juror misconduct was discovered by a civilian – living in and reading internet ”blogs” in the state of Indiana – who then telephoned the trial judge from Indiana and advised her of the apparent juror misconduct.  The trial of client Tyree Houfmuse is alleged to have been a gunfight between Mr. Houfmuse and Anthony “Red”... Read More

Serious First Degree Assault Charges Being Contested in Benton County Trial | Tri-Cities Criminal Defense

The Crowley Law Firm, PLLC and John Crowley start trial in Benton County Superior Court on Monday June 29. The charge is First Degree Assault with a firearm enhancement. A conviction to these charges will carry a sentence of 450-months for client Tyree Houfmuse. The prosecution alleges that one week before Thanksgiving of 2014, a former Black Gangster Desciple (BGD) associate of Mr. Houfmuse, Anthony “Red” Assalin, staged an invasion assault on Mr. Houfmuse’s family home in Hermiston, Oregon. There, the prosecution admits, “Red”... Read More

Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer | A Review

Crowley is the strongest, toughest lawyer i have ever seen in court. Period. Posted by Maurice, a Criminal Defense client, 7 days ago Overall rating  Excellent Trustworthy  Excellent Responsive  Excellent Knowledgeable  Excellent Kept me informed  Good I recommend John Crowley. I hired John 6-12 months ago. John handled my Criminal Defense matter. I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers. I can write this review because I am not doing time thanks to Crowley. Crowley represented me last summer on a federal drug case. I... Read More

John Crowley To Defend Brenda Wing in Lewis County Murder Trial | Things Not Always What They Seem

John Crowley, the principal attorney at The Crowley Law Firm of Seattle, Tacoma, Yakima and in federal appeals nationwide, talks to the press about why the firm’s client Brenda Wing should be found Not Guilty in the upcoming murder trial in Lewis County. Read the attached article from the Centralia Chronicle and an excerpt here.  “Crowley requested on Thursday in Lewis County Superior Court for the trial to be moved back one week to May 18, which the judge granted. He told reporters the extra week will give him enough time to... Read More