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Criminal Defense Attorneys In Seattle | WA State Lawyers

If you are reading our site, you or someone close to you is likely experiencing a serious problem with criminal charges. They have been arrested, are in jeopardy of being arrested or are already in jail awaiting trial. It looks hopeless and every aspect of your life or the life of your loved one is being affected. It is the mission of The Crowley Law Firm to come to your aid, provide world-class quality legal counsel and help you understand the ins and outs of the criminal justice system.

How this website can help.

We have constructed the website to give you valuable resources and answers to your questions about your particular situation and provide quick contact to the highly experienced attorneys at The Crowley Law Firm. Whether you are in Yakima, Renton, Federal Way, Tacoma, Seattle, Bellevue or any other city in Washington State. We also practice in federal courts and have a strong appellate attorneys if you have been unjustly convicted of a crime.

First, take the advice on the front page and consult an attorney before talking to investigators or the police. It is your right. It is a right that is protected by the Constitution. Second, look at the tabs at the top of the site. Click on an area of criminal law from felony crimes, federal appeals sex crimes, drug crimes or several others. There is specific information on the law as it may apply to you. Third, email us through the Quick Contact Form or call our offices (Call 206-624-7500 or 509-469-7500 for Seattle criminal defense lawyer representation. Call us at 206-621-5700..)

Spend some time seeing the attorney who may represent you in action. There are several You Tube videos throughout the site and a specific channel on You Tube with more news stories and information.

Read the Crowley Law News. There are many cases from the last six months in various areas of the criminal defense law. From murder trials to appellate decisions. Dog sniff alert drug cases and search and seizure, to juvenile crimes which are affected by the Supreme Court. Sometimes an unjust prosecution is stopped in its tracks like in the case of the Safeway Shooter or a client charged with the most serious crime of murder is found not guilty.

Listen to John Crowley’s Trial By Media interview with Linda Thomas of KIRO Radio on the right side of the opening page –John Crowley Podcast. Your case may apply.

The Crowley Law Firm led by John Crowley one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Seattle (see John Crowley’s bio here) with over 20 years experience in defending clients accused of major crimes, wants you to know you are not alone. Your attorney is your advocate.