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Can Banks And Casinos Be Sued For Embezzler’s Actions?

Two major embezzlement cases involving  the City of Seattle and Big Law firm K&L Gates are poised to make the legal news as they attempt to recover millions of dollars embezzled by employees from a major bank and casino. The complexities of white collar crime extend beyond the accused and involve huge entities where the accused banked or in one case gambled. Making front page news here in Seattle where The Crowley Law Firm PLLC has offices in the Smith Tower, is the case of Joseph Phan who cashed City of Seattle checks at Bank of America: “ Prosecutor Dan Satterberg. “It was a lot easier than one would expect to steal a million dollars from the city.” Satterberg said Phan was able to open up a Bank of America account under his own name and “The City of Sea.” More than 70 checks made payable to the City of Seattle or to Seattle Public Utilities were deposited into the account totaling $1,090,762.16.  The City of Seattle is considering bringing civil suit against Bank of America.

In a case in stretching to Macau, major law firm K&L Gates has sued Hong Kong–based Melco Crown Entertainment, the owner of two Macau casinos, this week over funds misappropriated from client accounts. The accused Navin Kumar Aggarwal wrote a letter to his former firm stating: “”Dear David,” the SCMP reports the letter reads. “I am really sorry about everything. I am not sure if its possible but I really hope the firm survives all this caused by me. I know the gravity of the crime committed. I can’t live with this. ”I am very sorry that you and the others have to face all this and clear the mess,” Aggarwal adds, according to the newspaper. “The money that I stole was used to pay my gambling losses that I have accumulated over the years. I was using one ‘escrow’ to cover the other. I don’t know what the devil got into me. Sorry.”

The complexity of these types of complex white-collar crime cases require a high level of expertise on the part of the participating counsel. The Crowley Law Firm PLLC stays abreast of these cases and their outcomes as Seattle defense attorneys dedicated to providing the best outcomes for their clients.