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How many juveniles convicted of serious crimes are serving “life without parole” in your state? You might be surprised. Pensylvania has an astonishing 444 while West Virginia has none.  This is the mandatory punishment for juveniles convicted of serious crimes in at least 26 states. But last month’s Supreme Court decision in Miller v. Alabama will change all that. The Court help that the mandatory LWOP for juveniles is unconstitutional under the 8th Amendment barring “cruel and unusual punishment.”

The  Crowley Law Firm (at are one of the top Seattle criminal defense firms and have been following Miller for several months.  John Crowley stays on top of major court decisions regarding criminal law that will apply to their clients in the present and the future. As a Seattle defense attorney with over 20 years experience John Crowley has defended juveniles charged with serious felonies throughout his career. He sees Miller v. Alabama as a major step towards providing fair and just sentencing for children convicted of serious crime.

The chart below tells you how your state ranks.

 (Chart from The New York Times)