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Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys | Randall Hoxie Case

The Crowley Law Firm represented Randall Hoxie charged in a non-fatal shooting in Auburn in December of 2010. Seattle criminal defense attorneys are frequently faced with high-profile media coverage of in a criminal case and this particular case garnered wide local media attention including a being featured on Washington’s Most Wanted television show. Hoxie was involved in a dispute with another man and a bullet passed through the apartment wall and injured a neighbor. The facts of the case however are never as cut and dried as the banner headlines in a sensational event. Many times the media does not report the resolution of such cases.

John Crowley, the principal of the Crowley Law Firm of Seattle and Yakima reached a plea agreement with the prosecutor’s office in this case in which Mr. Hoxie pleaded to charges which reduced his potential sentence of 30 years to 5 1/2 years.

In this case, a trial in an already overburdened court system would have been time consuming and expensive. This plea satisfies both the client and the prosecutor in resolving this event. The unfortunate sensational aspects of the case notwithstanding the plea is in keeping with standards of charging and sentencing.

John has spoken to this issue of media coverage in an interview with KIRO Radio’s Linda Thomas. You can hear the broadcast from KIRO news here. 

This is not an unusual circumstance for many accused of a serious felony. The first place the facts come out is often in the media. Dealing with hastily gathered facts and writing and filming for an audience has its limitations. When the police reports are read and witnesses interviewed the circumstances may be very different than the original sound bites. At The Crowley Law Firm we defend our clients vigorously and understand that the way things are portrayed at first are not necessarily the actual facts of the case. 

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