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Best Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys | Major Cases

As a Seattle defense attorney with over 21 years experience as both a prosecutor and a defense lawyer, John Crowley, the principal of The Crowley Law Firm in Seattle, Yakima, Tacoma and Eastern Washington, has been involved in several major cases ranging from federal drug charges to murder and attempted murder charges. Some of these cases have received an enormous amount of press coverage. John was interviewed recently on the nature of these high profile felony and murder trials by Linda Thomas of KIRO FM. You can hear the entire podcast here.

Why is it important to know your attorney is aware of the calculus involved in defending a high profile client? None of us are immune to what we read and hear on the news. As much as we want to think we can maintain objectivity the story of a case as it is portrayed (including the selection of the facts) in a news article or evening news report is “in the air” and influences what people believe about a case. That is why a workmanlike presentation of the “real” facts and vast experience in serious crime trials is of the utmost value to our current and potential clients.

Here is a selection of some of these cases:

In 2008, Michael Spencer was tried for murder in what the jury found to be an accidental shooting. John Crowley Seattle defense attorney represented him at trial. You can see the verdict here on video.

Just recently, after a manhunt for a man involved in involved in a shooting in a Yakima Safeway parking lot, John Crowley arranged for Anatacio Lepe’s surrender to authorities. But it became evident that Lepe was acting in self-defense after he attempted to get the return of his missing cell phone and he believed  he was about to robbed. He has been released and has not been charged. You can read the press reports here.

Also this year, Kurt Bonser was tried on attempted murder charges in a case where he was negatively portrayed in the media as a “pimp.” But in a trial heard before a judge instead of a jury, Bonser was found not guilty of attempted murder. The case received wide and even “notorious” coverage. You can read an interview with Seattle defense lawyer John Crowley here about the Bonser case.

Sometimes major news stories impact an ongoing case. In a recent Supreme Court decision (Miller v. Alabama) juvenile life sentences without parole are now banned for crimes even as serious as murder. This may impact a major case at the firm — the defense to be represented by John Crowley of The Crowley Law Firm PLLC. Here is a news article about the case.

Also in 2012, the firm returned two excellent results for clients.  In the case of William Myles who was charged in a gang shooting where no one was injured. After commencement of trial, the prosecution offered to dismiss a 3-year weapons enhancement. Mr. Myles’s was released the following day.

Current and potential clients can read more about cases and trends in criminal defense law as well as breaking news stories involving the Crowley Law Firm in the Law News section of this website.