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Best Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys | Google Gets Tough On Warrants For Data

 Seattle criminal defense attorneys are increasingly finding their clients subject to warrants for their cell phone data or social media history. In a gradual whittling away of privacy rights, these warrants when granted by a judge, can be invasive and violate the defendants constitutional rights. Many times the social media or cell phone carriers are faced with a warrant which basically says, “We want this information…because we want it.”

In what may be a new trend in policy on the part of social media or cell phone carriers Google in a recent case is fighting back. In this case a reputed “pimp” Dante Dears was forced to give over his cell phone when the FBI obtained a warrant for it. However Dears refused to give the credentials to unlock the phone.  At the FBI forensics lab ”…technicians ‘attempted to gain access to the contents of the memory of the cellular telephone in question, but were unable to do so,’ said the FBI. They were defeated by, of all things, Android’s “pattern lock”—not always notable for its high security.”

Ultimately the attempt to break into the phone resulted  in the Android device being locked. Now Google is being asked to unlock it. Google is fighting the subpoena and provided the following statement: “Like all law-abiding companies, we comply with valid legal process. Whenever we receive a request we make sure it meets both the letter and spirit of the law before complying. If we believe a request is overly broad, we will seek to narrow it.”

If the higher courts take up this case, it may begin to define what law enforcement can and cannot ask for in the investigation of a case. It also has broad implications for everyday users of social media, cell phones and other devices regarding their own 1st and 4th Amendment rights.

At the Crowley Law Firm we stay on top of developing trends and cases which may impact our clients. The Seattle defense attorneys at Crowley will defend the rights of its clients to the utmost of the law.