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Best Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys | Dog Sniff Cases To Be Heard By SCOTUS On October 31, 2012

The Seattle defense attorneys at The Crowley Law Firm have been eagerly awaiting the Supreme Court rulings in two dog sniff cases which will be heard by the Court on October 31 of this year. Many district courts have given wide latitude to police using the dogs to alert for the presence of narcotics or other substances. These searches and police practices in conducting these searches have a major impact on readings of the Fourth Amendment prohibition against privacy invasions.

Though the cases (both from the state of Florida) are fairly complex, the results will certainly impact both current and future cases at the Crowley Law Firm. A good analysis of how the dogs current use by police may run afoul of the Constitution are explained at the SCOTUS blog which has become the new “go to” place to read about the cases and the impact of those cases on the law. You can read about the two cases,  Florida v. Jardines and Florida v. Harris here in this analysis.

As the use of drug sniffing dogs becomes more and more prevalent it is critical that those arrested for drug crimes know that their attorneys are staying abreast of trends in the protections afforded them. Before making a choice of attorney or in deciding whether to plead out on their case or go to trial make sure your attorney is aware of these trends. At the Crowley Law Firm of Seattle, Yakima, Tri-Cities and many other Washington State locations we stay on top of what is going on in the law and how to make best use of it in defending our clients. Read our website section on Drug Charges from VUSCA to associated charges for weapons possession, manufacture, grow operations and other charges which may apply to you.