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Best Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys | Criminal v. Civil Attorneys

When someone has been accused of a crime and arrested they may be surprised that just searching for a “lawyer” or an “attorney” in their locality will not put them in touch with the right kind of representation. In the law world, the type of attorney who handles criminal cases for the defendant is called a “criminal defense lawyer” or “criminal defense attorneys” while the lawyer representing the jurisdiction where the crime is alleged to have been committed is called, the “prosecutor” or “prosecuting attorney.” See the many differences between civil and criminal law here.

Searching for an attorney through recommendations of friends or family is not a bad idea but people do not always distinguish between types of attorneys and many lawyers practice only within a specialty. Outside of prosecutors, lawyers are basically divided between “civil” and “criminal” attorneys. Many “criminal”  attorneys started out as prosecutors (as John Crowley the principal of the The  Crowley Law Firm did) and are often referred to as “criminal defense attorneys.” 

Civil attorneys generally do not practice in areas of criminal law. They may handle transactional law for corporations or specialize in real estate law or mergers. Other civil attorneys may practice as “plaintiff’s” attorneys. This may involve class action suits (you see their commercials late at night asking you to contact them for various diseases. The most famous handle large class actions for tobacco or asbestos. If you have been arrested, what you need is a “criminal defense attorney.”

At The Crowley Law Firm we are experienced criminal defense attorneys” representing clients in both state and federal courts. We represent clients in Seattle, Yakima, Tacoma and many localities in Eastern Washington. We represent high profile clients in cases such as the Chehalis Cold Case and many others. You can read about them here. We have defended in courts from Lewis County to Spokane. We also practice appellate law (appeals court) at the federal level including the district courts of Washington and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (the step below the Supreme Court) to appeal cases where the client may not have gotten a fair trial.

We defend clients (in actuality “fight” for our clients”) in working with prosecutors to find a resolution, or to defend at trial. This talent for defending in a trial situation is the most important for those accused of serious felonies such as murder, rape, gang shooting, assault and others. The criminal trial attorney is a specialist who has spent most of their career in that most difficult of arenas: criminal court.

Criminal defense attorneys have spent most of their career in court. They know how it operates. They stay abreast of many legal decisions from the Supreme Court on down to help defend their clients. John Crowley has been in the courts for over twenty years and has an established track record or providing positive resolutions for his clients. A good Seattle criminal defense attorney has to also be good “outside” the courtroom. The court of public opinion can also negatively impact a client. John has often appeared on television, the radio and in the print media to put forth his client’s side of the story in major cases. 

This website is constructed so that you can see (You Tube Channel), hear (John on KIRO radio) and read many pages relating to your particular legal circumstance. The Crowley Law Firm provides a free consultation so you can begin using your right to a defense. Seattle criminal defense lawyers are some of the top in the nation and John Crowley is one of best Seattle criminal defense attorneys.