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Best Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys | Aggravated Murder | UPDATE Benjamin Lopez Trial








The Crowley Law Firm principal John Crowley is defending Benjamin Lopez in Grant Count against charges of aggravated murder stemming from a gang shooting. To read some background on this complex  case see the recent article in the Columbia Basin Herald.The theory is that a gang retaliation took place but there is no evidence that Benjamin Lopez, the client of the Crowley Law Firm, participated in the aggravated murder any way. It is clear there was no plan.

Mr. Crowley said, “What you really have here is a “snitch” (Alexis Hernandez) who is going to go scot-free if he implicates the other people in the car. Benjamin Lopez’s DNA is not found on the murder weapon or gloves found in the car. Benjamin Lopez (nor any of the other people in the car) was given a gunpowder residue test to see who really fired the weapon. The driver has already pleaded guilty and has been sentenced. With no evidence that my client was involved in the shooting in any way, he stands trial for murder. It would be a gross miscarriage if he was to be convicted.”

The jury is now deliberating.