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Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer John Crowley

Defense attorney John Crowley has spent his entire 22 year career as a lawyer in the field of criminal law. He is recognized today as the toughest and most successful felony defense lawyer in Washington State.

Nothing beats experience in the complicated world of the criminal justice system. John Crowley has made thousands of court appearances; appeared in hundreds of trials and has made thousands of trips to jails all over Washington State to visit clients to help them prepare their case.

The courtroom is John’s arena. Anyone who has been through a trial knows that it is a war and having a defender who excels in all aspects of the courtroom world is hard to find.

This experience gives John a storehouse of information to use to help the accused properly tell their story in a world where the deck can be stacked against them. Along with select attorneys of The Crowley law Firm and top flight paralegals and litigation tech professionals the firm provides “real” defense to our clients and does so with an attitude of presumption of innocence sorely lacking in much of the legal system today.

In 1990, he served as a Law Clerk with the United States Department of Justice, before accepting an Assis­tant District Attorney’s position with the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office. As an Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Crowley was the prosecutorial voice for the State of Washington.

It was during his seven-year tenure in this position that he became well versed with the legal strategies and applications of criminal law, as they are implemented by the State of Washington. He also became very well aware of the unfairness’s of the justice system in general.

Attorney Crowley was surprised to learn just how easily an accused offender could be vilified, convicted and incarcerated, based upon insufficient or circumstantial evidence – especially for those accused of felony charges, such as sex and drug related crimes.

It was following this realization that Mr. Crowley decided to leave his position with the prosecutor’s office and put his knowledge to use as a felony criminal defense attorney. The last 14 years have found Attorney John Crowley providing aggressive and winning defense representation for those accused of some of the most serious felony offenses.

He has never shied away from high profile, high stakes cases, and he has successfully fought for clients, whose verdicts would have otherwise been predetermined if left to the court of public opinion.

Esteemed among his colleagues and respected by his peers, Attorney John Crowley has served as a lecturer at Portland State University and appeared on national television due to his work on cases involving homicide, robbery and kidnappings that had captured nationwide attention.

John Crowley is experienced, aggressive and dedicated, and is the toughest felony defense lawyer in Washington State – not only because it’s his job, but because he is passionate about the law and the pursuit of real justice. 


  • Law Clerk, United States Department of Justice (1990)
  • Assistant District Attorney, Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office (1991-1998)


  • Chairman, Washington State Supreme Court DNA and Law Committee (1998)


  • Guest Lecturer, Portland State University (1997-1999)


  • Larry King – Re The Vehicular Homicide of Audrey Kishline: 2001
  • The Today Show on NBC – Robbery and Murder – The Case of Aristotle Marr: 2003
  • Inside Edition – Michael Spencer – Admitted to the Shooting but Acquitted of First Degree Murder: 2010


  • Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers



  • Washington State Bar


  • Federal Bar Association (Western District of Washington)
  • Federal Bar Association (Eastern District of Washington)
  • Federal Bar Association (Eastern District of Arkansas)

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