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Assault Charges

If You Have Been Charged with Assault in Washington State, the Next Move You Make is Crucial 


In Washington State, the amount of harm, and the circumstances of the alleged assault, determine the severity of the assault charge and how it will be prosecuted. If you get convicted of 1st or 2nd degree assault, it could bring substantial jail or prison sentences…

Our Attorneys are Washington’s Toughest Assault Defense Lawyers,
with a 25 Year Winning Track Record!


Call 206-621-5700 to speak with one of our Experienced Attorneys.

Our Law Firm aggressively and successfully defends clients charged with Assault in Washington, and we have 25 years experience getting assault charges in Washington reduced or dropped.

We understand all aspects of assault cases, and our experience allows us to use the BEST DEFENSE STRATEGIES possible to protect your future.

Our Attorneys have worked in ALL criminal courts in Seattle/Tacoma, Yakima/Tri Cities, and Spokane, and we will almost certainly be familiar with the judges involved in your case. Let our experience and resources help protect you or your loved ones future!

DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE, INVESTIGATORS OR DETECTIVES ABOUT YOUR CASE.  Anything you tell them can be used against you in the court of law. Prosecutors WILL NOT BE LENIENT with you because you’re being “nice”….

Time is Not on Your Side…, Call Our Experienced Assault Defense Lawyers Immediately at 206-621-5700.