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Ask Us About Our Track Record | Seattle Criminal Lawyer

A good Seattle criminal lawyer should be able to tell you about their track record in handling cases like your own.  Under the stress and panic of being arrested or accused of a crime you need to remember to inquire of the law firms you are looking to represent that they are experts in your case type. You can call us at 206-621-5700 and ask John Crowley about the positive verdicts or resolutions for clients who have been in our situation. With over 20 years practicing criminal law in Washington State and on the federal level The Crowley Law Firm practicing in Western Washington out of Seattle and in Eastern Washington has a proven record of getting positive results.

Look further at our Crowley Law News blog to find cases what may be similar to yours. From very high profile cases like the Michael Spencer and Kurt Bonser cases to the rigorous approach to defending cases such as the Rick Riffe case you can see that the Crowley Law firm strives for the highest possible excellence in defending its clients. Any felony is a serious felony and you must select your attorney carefully. All Seattle criminal defense is not created equal. Get the facts about solutions to your case by calling 206-621-5700. Ask us about our track record and get a free consultation from John Crowley an experienced Seattle criminal defense lawyer.