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An AVVO Review From A Client Facing Serious Charges Over The Holidays.

When you are facing serious charges it might be hard to get in the holiday spirit. But this Crowley Law Firm client got the best present ever. His review from the AVVO site:

  • A Christmas to remember! Thanks to John!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client 

     Hired attorney

    I recently was accused and charged with a sexual assault crime which carried a long prison sentence, and if found guilty, I would’ve gone to prison for a while and would’ve lost my family and everything I’ve worked hard for. As a result of the charges, my family and I were separated and my whole life was slowly deteriorating, because this was my first time to be separated from my family, and the first time to miss the holidays with them. I reached out to the Lord and he pointed me in the right direction, I saw John’s ad on the internet and was very impressed with his experience, his background, and his qualifications, so I called and met with him to discuss my case and to see if he was the right lawyer for me in proving my innocence and helping me get my family back. John was very intelligent and knowledgeable about sexual assault cases and all major criminal cases. He informed me that he specializes in cases like mine and that it’s his passion to work on criminal cases. John had an extensive background and is highly successful in many major criminal cases in Washington State. John was not only concerned about me, but the rest of my family as well and that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. John has worked as a state Prosecutor and is probably a key factor in being very successful in cases like mine and all major criminal cases. The night before Christmas Eve, I received a call from John stating that my case was DISMISSED! John’s phone call to me was a great Christmas blessing. I was very overwhelmed and excited with the news, which meant that I was going to be able to get back to my family and that I would be able to continue to live my life in peace along with family. 
    I immediately retained John as my lawyer, believing and trusting in him and his staff to do their best. I was confident that John and his team were going to prove my innocence in what was supposed to lead to a pre-trial hearing, then a trial, and so forth, but because of John’s aggressive efforts, as well as his staffs’ efforts, my case didn’t even go to trial. From the start to the end, John and his team made themselves available to me 24/7, John making himself available even outside of regular business hours. From start to finish, I lived through this nightmare for exactly 40 days and the pre-trial and trial was already set weeks and months away, but when I received that phone call with the great news from John I was so happy to hear from John that “it is all over!” 
    Attorney Crowley and his staff worked diligently, even during and throughout the holidays, which is an indication that their clients are priority to them. If you’re looking for a highly experienced criminal lawyer that will represent you to the fullest and cares about your family too, I highly recommend Attorney Crowley, so CALL JOHN CROWLEY!!! He and his staff will work effortlessly day and night to give you the best possible outcome of your case.



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