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UPDATED! 7 Things You Should Not Do If You Are Arrested

Don’t believe everything you see on television or read in the papers. Being arrested for a serious crime is a life-changing experience and you need to know the next thing to do. Here are the 7 things you shouldn’t do!
  • Don’t destroy any material evidence to hide something.
  • Don’t run away or leave if you’ve been told not to.
  • Don’t try to negotiate with anyone about your situation.
  • Don’t admit any guilt to anybody – except your criminal lawyer.
  • Don’t talk with the police under any circumstances – they are building a case against you – whatever you say can and will hurt you.  Even if you deny it.
  • Don’t give consent to search your home under any circumstances – if they have a search warrant, they don’t need your permission.
  • If you’re in jail, don’t talk about your case over the phone or to anyone else.

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