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Spencer Not Guilty (video)

YAKIMA — The jury took 3 hours to decide Michael Spencer wasn’t a murderer. Spencer never denied he shot and killed Rebecca Tatum. He said it was an accident. Rebecca was pregnant with his baby at the time. Rebecca’s family left the courtroom before the judge finished speaking. Her father, Levi Peddicord said, “I had all the confidence in the judicial system, but in this case, they were wrong.” Isaac Spencer says he has always believed in his son and he’s glad the jury saw the truth.

Rebecca’s family was sure the jury would see it the other way. But when they didn’t, things got hectic. Rebecca’s mother was taken out on a stretcher. Cops had to escort the Spencer’s out to protect them. Defense Attorney John Crowley left the building after receiving the Spencer family’s embraces. Attorney General Melanie Tratnik, on the other hand, was last to leave the courtroom.

Michael Spencer still has to face a felony harassment suit. He threatened the Tatums during a confrontation awhile back. Spencer’s served a lot of time behind bars, so even if he’s convicted , he shouldn’t face more time.

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